About Travels And Jobs Co Ltd

Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd is an expertise consultancy company that under take services listed below
  • Travel Management Consultancy
  • Human Resources consultancy
  • Customer Relation Management Consultancy
  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • we are travel agents marketing and human resources consultants, we assist our clients to get travel Visas, Employment Solutions, we offer cheapest Bulk SMS And email Marketing solutions

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Travel Management Services
    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd is a top travel agency company in Nigeria registered with CAC since 2014, Travels And Jobs Co Ltd is an authority and a top travel management company in Nigeria. Our travel management services includes:
    => Travel Visas Processing Assistance
    => Low Tuition International Admissions And Scholarships
    => International Employment Assistance
    => Ticket Reservations And Bookings
    => Travel Management Training
    => Local And International Tour Planner  And Guide
    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd has assisted lots  clients with all of the above services, to request for any of our travel services above start here
    Human Resources
    We also pride ourselves as the foremost human resources consultancy company in Nigeria with services spanning:
    =>Man Power Supply Services
    => Job Search And Recruitment Services
    => Facility Management Services
    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Man Power Supply
    We are one of the reputed manpower supply company in Nigeria with focused on providing manpower supply services in Nigeria with employment assistance for jobseekers abroad. We are the one-stop solution for manpower supply in Nigeria in general and technical services requirements for all major industrial sectors such as civil, construction, mechanical, electrical and oil & gas sector.
    Our manpower Supply services have assisted hundreds of organizations in different industrial sectors with skilled and unskilled labours. Our goal is to provide quality manpower supply services to all our Nigeria clients and also assist jobseekers to find jobs both in Nigeria and abroad

    • We are the ultimate destination for your manpower supply requirements in Nigeria
    • We are the right labour supply partner to meet your business goal.
    • Ensure your success with our expertise in manpower supply services.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd  is committed to empowering your business by providing unbeatable “people solutions” in Nigeria. Travels And Jobs Co Ltd end-to-end people solutions include contract staffing, permanent recruitment, temporal hiring, cloud-based payroll management, technology backed personnel monitoring. At Travels And Jobs Co Ltd  excellence is our business

    Facilities Management Services

    Bringing together our wealth of experience through a technologically enabled operational model, we offer smart solutions with long term value in mind.

    As part of the Integrated facility management solution we are real partners of our customers. With Our available professionals across all industries we under take 
    => Mechanical
    =>Digital Security
    =>Specialized Services Management like marketing, products and services awareness campaign, Product Distribution e.t.c
    =>Energy Management Solutions.
    We often extend our support even further, based on customized requirements from our customers that bring us even closer to their business operations.
    We bring together of all services under one umbrella of Travels And Jobs Co Ltd, managed by technically qualified professionals,  with expertise in sectors they have been serving for a number of years.
    Our people manage our in-house services as well as outsourced Specialized Services within a solid performance management system that ensures peace of mind and ultimate quality standards.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing

    High quality, SFG20 standard driven HVAC, electrical and plumbing maintenance by technically qualified professionals with experience across the sectors and business environments.
    Our size means that we are able to employ and train specialists as well as expose them to issues that they can then quickly recognize when they occur on other projects. Even more importantly, they are able to identify risks before they actually manifest themselves. This preventative approach is at the heart of our MEP division.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Digital Security

    We offer digital security services CCTV monitoring, traffic management and incident handling.
    Our team is continuously trained and we encourage them to lead a healthy and active life that ensures they are always in top form to perform their role.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Hospitality

    As part of our extended service offering we deploy receptionists, concierge personnel, office boys and office assistants/administrators to work directly with or assist our customers operations.
    Our cultural etiquette and customer facing skills training enable a higher level of commitment, professionalism and overall performance.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Landscaping

    Our purpose is to caters to all landscaping needs from palm trees to shrubs and seasonal plants. Our team of expert horticulturists, irrigation and maintenance engineers manage our landscaping service offering from the selection and planting of the florae to it overall maintenance

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd  Cleaning

    Our BICS qualified team has experience across the sectors, delivering cleaning services for environments whose demands range between 5 stars  luxury interiors, high footfall events and heavy intensity labour camp facilities. Our people are trained to deal with any customer requirement.

    Our primary focus is on maintaining, enhancing and extending the life of critical assets and infrastructure within facilities. This protects the value of the property as well as minimizing operating costs and risks.
    We understand that every business or facility has different challenges and our breadth of experience puts us in a unique position to anticipate and address those challenges as well as being able to leverage our scale and cross-sector knowledge. We are able to provide our MEP solutions (and other solutions) as a standalone service or as part of an Integrated FM offering.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd is well versed with best practice for managing HVAC locally. As well as maintaining Air Conditioning Systems, we are also able to efficiently manage full ventilation systems that include exhaust fans as well as maintaining pumps, garbage chutes and other key elements of property infrastructure.

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Civil Works

    Our skilled professionals can undertake both large and small projects, whether that be painting, masonry, carpentry or a combination of all three!

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Infrastructure

    Encompassed within this service is both building new infrastructure elements and maintaining existing infrastructure.
    For example, this might include the creation and / or maintenance of signboards, streetlights and underground pipes.

    To request for any of our human resources services above start here

    Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Bulk SMS

    TravelSMS is a division of Travels And Jobs Co Ltd.
    We  provides application-to-person (A2P) messaging services to large and small businesses, public benefit organizations, and individuals. Individuals and companies can send personalized bulk SMS using our bulk SMS services
    We provide standard platforms to allow any client to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS campaigns or SMS for customer relationship management. To request for our bulk SMS services start here

    Grow And Stay Connected With TravelSMS Bulk SMS

    With 91% of adults keeping their mobile phone within arms-reach day and night, there’s no doubt we live in a mobile world.
    Mass SMS is the smart, direct and immediate solution for businesses looking to drive engagement, revenue and growth. Our Bulk SMS service lets you craft and send targeted texts to tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers with maximum precision and minimal effort, use TravelSMS bulk SMS service to drive growth To request for our bulk SMS services start here

    Travel Mail by Travels And Jobs Co Ltd Is a Top Bulk Email Service Company In Nigeria

    With Travel Mail you can send millions of email everyday. Travel Mail also supports auto scheduling your email campaigns, deliver your sales and news letters to your wanting audience, get massive feedback with increase participation and sales with Travel mail you can reduce your marketing cost, get high return on investment on your advertising cost and increase your sales, between marketing and sales there are tools of consistency and Travel Mail is one of the best tools for your digital marketing, optimized your marketing process with Travel Mail email marketing application
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