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About Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd Clients Inclusive Participation ( CIP ) Program

Travels And Jobs Co. Ltd Clients Inclusive Participation CIP Program is an intervention program
aim at helping or assisting clients with any of the underlisted services.
To qualify clients for desired purpose of emigration by assisting the clients to secure aunthentic documents
To qualify clients to get all categories of travel visas or residency
Help client to plan and arrange tour, and provide international Connections and accommodation
Selling cheapest travel tickets to clients
Getting tourist visas of any country
Residency or work permit of any Country
Global job search/employment assistance with  specific country CV or resume writing  (all countries)
International post graduate and under graduate admissions
Global undergraduate and post graduate Scholarship assistance
IATA certification aid
The CIP program phase is an assemblage of experts under the leadership of
Akpede Francis the CEO of travels and jobs Co Ltd.
The first step in accessing CIP assistance on any of the services listed above  is to obtain a Client Inclusive Assessment
Ticket 'CIAT' Number which will enable you or your clients to do a detailed assessment on any of the above listed services,
for all all countries; tourist visas, residency/work permits, international admissions and scholarships, international
employment assistance, the result of the assessment will determine whether your are qualified or if you need to be
qualified for your desire service, the result of the assessment will determine the exact cost of your intended service,
for certificate of participation of your Intensive Emigration And Airline Ticketing e-training course you will
do course content knowledge assessment with your CIAT number, for IATA certification inquiry and
assistance your CIAT number will enable you to get further further e-training and assistance to guaranty
your excellent perfomance in your IATA examination.
To do an assessment request for your CIAT number after the payment of N20,000 (Naira)
to any of the account below :
ACCOUNT NAME: Akpede Francis
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0122488800
BANK TWO: Access Bank PLC
ACCOUNT NAME: Akpede Francis
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0027855745

After paying, send an email containing your payment details to
info@travelsandjobs.com and travelsandjobs@gmail.com
Call or whatsap +971524688167 or use this whatsap link if you are on whatsap and using a mobile phone,
you will receive a CIAT number with a link to do an online assessment

Before you get the explicit of the CIP program l would like to ask you a few questions regard travel visas and residency:
Is there any travel visa applicant who knew his profile and application documents are not up to the
desired standard who would still go ahead to pay for visa application? Am sure your answer is no, but let me tell you that
people submit application base on the information provided by embassy. Do you know that applicants
applications are rejected because they acted on ambiguous travel visa application  requirement
information provided by embassies, but very many applicant don't know that the requirement
information available on embassies websites are ambiguous,  visa application  success is a
matter of being qualified  and when you are not qualified how do you make yourself to be qualified?
You can make yourself qualify by using CIP program out rightly  or by yourself but be assessed  by  CIP.

The issue of qualifying yourself or client is very important
and that is why it was intensively treated on ‘Intensive Emigration  And Airline Ticketing’
e-training course, if you have finished the course please review key topics such as
=> Visa Success Rate Assessment
=> How To Qualify A Client To Get Any Type Of Visa
=> Important Factor In Qualifying a Client
=> Trivial Issues That Will Make Embassy To Denied Or Refused Your Visa And How To Over Come Them
All of the above topics and sub topics clearly explicate how to qualify yourself or client.
From filing the travel visa application to attaching required documents, things must be done
properly, if you are reading this page and you have not gone through the e-training
course l advice you to do so at www.travelsandjobs.com/etp.php, it will save your emigration cost, it is
your do yourself or get involve boon!
Thank you
Akpede Francis

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